After 19th Century How Did Indentured Labourers Discover Their Own Ways Of Survival

After 19th century, how did the indentured labourers discover their own ways of survival? Explain.


(i) Initially the indentured labourers found it difficult to adjust to the harsh living conditions of the plantation. But very soon they discovered new ways of survival. 

(ii) They developed new forms of individual and collective self expression, blended art, cultural forms, old and new. 

(iii) In Trinidad the cultural Muharram procession was transformed into a riotous carnival called ‘Hosay’ in which workers of all races and religions joined. 

(iv) The protest religion ‘Rastafarianism’ is also said to reflect social and cultural links with Indian migrates to Caribbean. 

(v) Chutney music popular in Trinidad and Guyana is another creative expression of the post indenture experience.