Adolescence Is Crucial Stage

Adolescence is a crucial stage’. Justify this statement.


During adolescence physical and emotional changes takes place in the body of boys and girls. This is period between the age of 10 to 19 and this is very critical period. Boys bear facial hair, muscular body, hair in the arm pits and on the sex organs, and have hoarse voice.
The girls also have beautiful contours, raised breasts, wide lips and high pitch voice. The body increases in length in both cases. Boys and girls becomes conscious about the growth of the body. They become hesitant and shy to each other. They become body conscious and spend lot of time on dressing up and grooming. Hormonal level increases in their body and become restless. Hormones affect their brains and control their emotions and moods. They cherish the company of their own sexes and show the attraction for the opposite sex. Thus it is very strange and crucial stage in their life. So adolescence is a very crucial stage in the life of the boys and the girls.