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The activities of man had adverse effects on all forms of living organisms in the biosphere. Unlimited … active member of Eco-club…


(a) Conserving of environment is important because of following reasons:

1. To save the natural resources which are essential for survival such as air, water, soil etc.

2. To maintain stability in the ecosystem.

3. Environment provides various things such as air, wood. paper, medicines which are very important for survival. If environment is not conserved it can cause ozone depletion resulting in various harmful diseases.

(b) Green dustbins as well as Blue dustbins are very important as green dustbin is used to throw biodegradable waste and blue dustbin is for throwing non-biodegradable waste. Thus, they helps in keeping separate the biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste. It helps in proper disposing of both type of waste and recycling of materials.

(c) The values which have reflected by the classmate are the cooperative nature, concern for environmental issues, civic sense and sensitive.