According Durgacharan What Three Life Calcutta Present Contrasting Images Opportunities

According to Durgacharan Ray, in what three ways did the city life of Calcutta present contrasting images … Ray’s novel Deb nagar…


The city life of Calcutta was full of contrasts, according to Durgacharan Ray.
1. In the 19 th century, Calcutta was brimming with opportunities — for trade, commerce and jobs.
2. But on the hand, another aspect of its life was — its cheats, thieves, its appalling poverty and the poor quality of housing.
The Gods themselves were cheated by the shopkeepers.

3. There was confusion of caste, religious and gender identities in the city. All social distinctions that appeared to be natural and normal seemed to be breaking down. The contrasting images were of wealth and poverty, splendour and dirt, opportunities and disappointments.