Abcd Is Parallelogram And Q Is Any Point On Side Ad If Ar В–Іqbc 10 Cm2 Find Ar В–Іqab Ar В–Іqdc

ABCD is a parallelogram and Q is any point on side AD. If ar(△QBC) = 10 cm2, find ar(△QAB) + ar(△QDC).


Here, △QBC and parallelogram ABCD are on the same base BC and lie between the same parallels BC || AD. 

∴ ar( || gm ABCD) = 2 ar(△QBC)

ar(△QAB) + ar(△QDC) + ar(△QBC) = 2 ar(△QBC) 

Hence, ar(△QAB) + ar(△QDC) = 10 cm2 [∵ar(△QBC) = 10 cm2(given)]