19th Century All Over World More Than 150 Million People Migrated From One Country Another

In the 19th century, all over the world more than 150 million people migrated from one … .’ Explain the factors responsible for this…


(i) Abolition of Corn Laws and free trade : The scrapping of the Corn laws laid the foundation of free trade. Now, food could be imported Or exported into Britain freely.
(ii) New Economic activities: The free trace led to development of railways and new ports. People had to settle or, the lands to bring them under cultivation. This meant building homes and settlements. All the construction activities needed labour. The demand for labour in places where labour was in short supply led to migration.
(iii) Role of technology: The railways, steamships, lighter wagons helped the people to move from one country to another.
(iv) Imperialism : The wave of imperialism engulfed the whole world and due to this people migrated from one nation to another.
(v) Different flows : The flow of trade accompanied with capital paved way for the flow of labour.