1970s Was Decade In Which Cricket Was Transformed Do You Agree

“The 1970s was the decade in which cricket was transformed”. Do you agree


Yes, the 1970s was the decade in which cricket was transformed a lot.

The following points justify the statement

(i) It was a time when the traditional game ‘cricket’ evolved with the changing world.

(ii) 1970 was notable for the exclusion of racist South Africa from international cricket.

(iii) 1971 was a landmark year when the first one-day international was played between England and Australia in Melbourne.

(iv) The tremendous popularity of one-day cricket led to the first world cup being successfully staged in 1975.

(v) In 1977, cricket celebrated 100 years of Test matches. In this year Kerry Packer introduced one-day international under the name of world series cricket, which changed the game forever. Cricket boards became rich by selling television rights to different television companies. Continuous television coverage made Cricketers celebrities who started to earn a lot by doing advertisements.

Thus, the 1970s was the decade in which cricket was transformed.