10 Properties Of Zero



10 properties of zero are:

(i) Zero is even number.

(ii) Zero is the only number which is neither negative nor positive.

(iii) The value of number can’t be changed when zero is added or subtracted to it.

(iv) When zero is multiplied with any number, the result will be zero.

(v) When zero is divided by any number, the result is zero.

(vi) Division by zero is undefined i.e. 1/0, 0/0, 5/0 are undefined.

(vii) The number will be even number when t comes at the end of the digit.

(viii) Any number which raised to the power 0 will give 1 as outcome.

(ix) 00 = undefined

(x) ∞0 = undefined

(xi) 0 = 0