1 Mole Of H2 Gas Is Contained In Box Of Volume V 1 00 M3 At T 300 K

1 mole of H2 gas is contained in a box of volume V = 1.00 m3 at T = 300 K. The … 10 times the pressure initially (d) 20 times the…


(d) The situation is shown in the diagram, H2 gas is contained in a box is heated and gets converted to a gas of hydrogen atoms. Then the number of moles would become twice.
According to gas equation, 
PV= nRT 

P = Pressure of gas, n = Number of moles
R = Gas constant, T = Temperature PV=nRT
As volume (V) of the container is constant. Hence, when temperature (T) becomes 10 times, (from 300 K to 3000 K) pressure (P) also becomes 10 times, asP∝ T.
Pressure is due to the bombardment of particles and as gases break, the number of moles becomes twice of initial, so n2 = 2n