0 6 M Long Stretched Wire Is Made To Vibrate In Two Different Modes As Shown In Figure And B

A 0.6 m long stretched wire is made to vibrate in two different modes as shown in figure (a) and … ) In which case is the pitch…


(i) The frequency of the note represented by (n) is 2 times represented by (a). Since the frequency of the note in (b) is n, hence the frequency of note in (i) is 1/2 or n/2.
(ii) The note in (a) is louder, the reason being its amplitude is greater than the amplitude of note represented in (b), as the loudness being directly proportional to amplitude.
(iii) Pitch is directly proportional to the frequency of sound note. The frequency of note in figure (b) is more (double) than the frequency of note in (a). So the pitch of note (b) is higher than that of note (a).